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Make Your Home Smarter Godrej Product, Godrej Home Security

Make Your Home Smarter Godrej Product

Mon 18-Sep-2017 463

Imagine an apartment where you can control the lighting with your smartphone; sensors that detect when someone
enters a room, gadgetry that bring the internet and gaming to your TV, and robots that clean your apartment as
soon as you leave for work. Well, all of this technology is already here the best part is you can set it all up by yourself.

With automation taken care of, you can consider the Godrej Eagle-I Lite alarm system for home security. It consists
of an alarm panel, a two-piece wireless transmitter contact, and a remote control

The alarm panel needs a two-pin power outlet. The two-piece wireless transmitter is powered by two replaceable coin cell
batteries, and needs to be fixed – using the included dual-sided tape – in such a way that one part is on the door (or window),
while the other part is on the door (or window) frame. The edges of these two components should be in contact when the
door or window is closed.oor or window is closed.
When the door is opened, it moves one of the contacts away from the other, sending a signal to the alarm panel, which
in turn sounds a deafening (90dB) alarm. This unit also doubles as a night light. It can even be configured to work in a silent
mode, so the LED lights do not give its position away