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Attendance And SMS Solution For School And Colleges, Attendance And SMS Solution For School And Colleges

Attendance And SMS Solution For School And Colleges

Tue 19-Sep-2017 474

This is a growing market. Security incidents in schools grab the headlines, emotions and budget allocations. How to address security concerns leaves room for many opinions and strategies. Relationship selling past experience with school districts and government sourcing requirements make this opportunity a complex environment to grow your business

School Attendance management solutions with SMS:
Through this solution we automate the attendance for all students including the School staff. It is all managed by our Biometric time and attendance machines which are used to capture the attendance of the child. This can be done by using the RFID cards, fingerprint of child, face recognition technology.
Access Control on Cloud Technology:
Access control is generally a policy or procedure that allows, denies or restricts access to a system. It may also identify users attempting to access a system unauthorized. Access Control allows one application to trust the identity of another application. The traditional model for access control is application-centric access control, where each application keeps track of its collection of users and manages them. So cloud requires a user centric access control where every user request to any service provider is bundled with the user identity and entitlement information.