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Adhar Card Based Biometric Attendance System, Adhar Card Based Biometric Attendance System

Adhar Card Based Biometric Attendance System

Tue 26-Sep-2017 1035

Real Time Launches A New Latest Model For Adhar Based Biometric Attendance System T-502

Aadhar based Biometric Attendance System is used to mark attendance of employees / students using Aadhar card number and the fingerprint which is stored in Aadhar server. Now Days Biometric Machine Is Necessary In All Goverment/Private Offices.
What is AEBAS ?
AEBAS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System. The purpose AEBAS system is to enable an employee with an Aadhaar Number, to mark his/her attendance in the government offices through Biometric Authentication device. For this purpose, Authentication Tablets/Desktop Authentication devices will be installed in each offices of the Central Ministries/Departments.
—Biometric Attendance System based on Aadhaar Authentication (Fingerprint and Iris Based Authentication).
—Attendance System with real time monitoring.
—Comprehensive MIS.
Employee cannot —Mark attendance in backdate
—Mark someone else’s attendance
—Tracks time of entry, exit hence MIS can track hours spent in office.
—Easy online registration