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Godrej See Thru ST7 Lite

Godrej See Thru ST7 Lite

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  • Brand: Godrej

Get to see who comes calling at your door clearly with our large, high-resolution indoor screen unit LED monitor.
The high resolution pinhole camera captures images clearly and efficiently. It produces high quality images in all light levels, is easy to use and capturing images discreetly.
An inbuilt flash memory ensures that captured images stay intact even when there is no power while the micro SD card allows you to transfer captured images and recordings with ease
Unlock your main door at the press of a button, our modern day video door phone is compatible with electronic locks to ensure control rests in your hands at all times!
The angular wall bracket allows the screen to tilt to the sides to offers flexibility of viewing the image clearly on the screen from different angles.
Darkness will not hamper your safety ever again. The LED for night vision display darkness and allows you to see even at night.
Be it wind or rains, robbers or petty thieves, the vandal resistant and weather proof outdoor unit ensures protection under any circumstance.
Audio video recording – Sit easy and watch who was at your door when you were away. Listen to your visitor without opening the door.

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