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Godrej See Thru ST4.3 Lite

Godrej See Thru ST4.3 Lite

  • Delivery Charges: No delivery Charges Apply
  • Brand: Godrej

Stylish eye catching design that gives you a pleasant experience and adds to your home aesthetics, in addition to keeping you safe.
The uses of the indoor unit don’t stop at letting you speak to the visitor from inside your home. You can also use it as an intercom to speak to different door units anywhere in the home.
Convenience that starts with Free Installation of the unit continues forever as you go on discovering the security and benefits.
The 4.3”colour indoor monitor makes sure that you don’t miss any element and get a clear view of the visitor standing outside the door.
What use is safety if it’s not complete? The reason it supports 2 door stations, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring you absolute safety
It imparts you complete freedom to use your hands even while you speak with visitor on the Hands-free handset.
The high resolution pinhole camera captures images clearly and efficiently. It produces high quality images in all light levels, is easy to use and capturing images discreetly.

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